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Create beautiful videos with your friends

JumpCam is a free mobile app that makes it easy to create collaborative videos with your friends, audiences, and the people around you.

JumpCam turns anyone with a smartphone into a filmmaker.

Videos are combined into one movie automatically

Just start a video and invite others to add their own clips. JumpCam instantly stitches everything together into a single, beautiful movie. It's simple to add or change filters, soundtracks, and trim or reorder clips - even after you've already published your movie.

JumpCam helps you create group highlight reels and creative collaborative films. Check out some recent examples.

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iOS, Android and your desktop

JumpCam is available as a native app for iPhone, as well as Android phone and tablet devices.

You can also watch JumpCam videos on at, and embed videos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or on your own site.

About Us

JumpCam Team

  • David Stewart
  • Mike Chen
  • Dan Hendricks
  • Matt Fukuda
  • Justin Esch
  • Adam Bovill
  • Toby OConnell
  • Francesco Sullo
  • Paul Velez
  • Samantha Erickson
  • Shannen Bremner
  • Tommy Soh


  • Irene Au
  • Kris Gale
  • Niniane Wang
  • Kevin Gordon


  • Trinity Ventures
  • Google Ventures
  • Joe Greenstein
  • Lee Linden
  • Naval Ravikant
  • David Sacks
  • Alan Braverman
  • Vince Monical
  • Jack Wu
  • Barry Nalebuff
David Stewart

David Stewart


David comes from a background in building social and video technology as VP Product at Yammer and a product leader at Playdom and YouTube.

David has lived in eight countries and speaks five languages.